The South-East Scotland Academies Partnership is spearheaded by Queen Margaret University and Edinburgh College in collaboration with City of Edinburgh Council, East Lothian Council, Midlothian Council, Scottish Borders Council, Borders College and industry partners.

Background to the Partnership

The South East Scotland Academies Partnership is born out of a highly successful collaboration between Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh College and East Lothian Council which, in 2012, launched the East Lothian Hospitality and Tourism Academy. The focus of the ground-breaking collaboration was to help young people maximise their educational opportunities and develop transferable skills; smooth the transition between school, college, university and employment; and support the development of Scotland’s most important industries.


Initially involving three local secondary schools, the East Lothian Hospitality and Tourism Academy not only helped provide outstanding skills development opportunities for young people, it also aimed to raise standards within Scotland’s hospitality and tourism industry. The progressive partnership between the school, college and local authority was praised by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Funding Council, and the Academy model was recognised as an initiative which delivers real solutions for Scotland’s young people.


Building on our early success - Where we are now?

Building on the success of the initial award-winning partnership with East Lothian Council, funding from the Scottish Funding Council has enabled Queen Margaret University and Edinburgh College to develop and offer additional academies to more schools within East Lothian as well as three other local authorities in South East Scotland: Midlothian, City of Edinburgh and Scottish Borders.




















Industry Partners

The South East Scotland Academies Partnership is also supported by a range of committed industry partners which provide Academy students with an insight into the various industries.


In some academies, industry partners also offer work placement opportunities providing young people with vital hands-on practical experience.


All organisations involved in the South East Scotland Academies Partnership are totally committed to its success and to its mission of helping Scotland’s young people secure promising futures.





Three academies exist for pupils in S5 and S6 and offer opportunities to schools in East Lothian, Midlothian, Edinburgh, and the Scottish Borders

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