If I take part in an academy programme, what am I committing to?

We are looking for young people who are enthusiastic about improving their opportunities in life and are prepared to commit to the Academy work, which is over and above the normal school curriculum. As an Academy student, you should expect to be very busy in your senior years.


Classes will take place at Queen Margaret University and either Edinburgh College or Borders College.


What do I need to take part?

Entry to the Academy is not just focused on academic achievement. It opens up a range of opportunities to a much wider group of talented young people. However, entry to the Academy is competitive and there are minimum entry requirements for some academies. (listed below).



How will I manage the work?

Studying for Highers in S5 tends to be particularly challenging for pupils. The Academies try to balance the workload evenly for their important senior years. The academies’ programme is structured in a way that will help you manage your overall workload.

What age do I need to be?

The academies’ programme is aimed at young people in S5 and S6 - the age range is between 15 and 18.

How do I secure a place in one of the academies?

Entry to the academies is competitive. You will need to formally apply for a place by completing an application form (supplied by your school). You will then be invited to come for an interview either at your school or at Queen Margaret University.

What qualifications do you need to get an Academy plaace?

     English at SCQF level 5 and a clear interest in the creative industries sector


     There are no specific requirements for Year 1 entry into this academy; however, for advancement into the Year 2 academic     programme, we are looking for 2 Highers, in any subject area.


    There are no specific academic requirements for this academy; however, we are looking for people with the right qualities to work in healthcare. Such qualities include good communication and social skills, having problem-solving skills and teamwork skills, and being energetic. Empathy and the right attitude to work with vulnerable or ill groups of people

What will I gain by being an academy student?

Your time in the Academy will reward you with a qualification, help build your academic knowledge and practical skills, give you a competitive advantage in securing certain college or university places and provide you with a better chance of getting a job working in an area that really interests you.

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