What should I know about the creative industries in Scotland?

Scotland’s arts and creative industries sector is a real success story. It is estimated to be worth up to £3.2 billion a year to the Scottish economy and employs up to 130,000 people*. It has been chosen by the Scottish Government as an area that has the potential to substantially grow and provide more jobs in the future.

(* report commissioned by Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprise)


Creative Industries

What our students say


What will the Creative Industries Academy do for me?

The academy will provide you with the educational knowledge and relevant work experience needed to prepare you for work in areas such as TV, film or visual and performing arts.

Your classes for this academy will take place at either Queen Margaret University and either Edinburgh College or Borders College. You will be in the unique position of being at school, college and university all at the same time. Not only will you experience both further and higher education, you will also gain valuable work experience with a creative industries employer and some site-specific visits/talks.

You’ll have fun, learn lots of new skills, be able to explore different creative media, meet other young people and get a fantastic insight into the industry. AND you will also gain a qualification!







  • National Progression Award (NPA) Film & Media*

    Media: An Introduction to Film and the Film Industry

    Media Photography

    Media: Feature Writing

    Media: Directing a Single Camera Production

    Media: An Introduction to the Media Industry

    Media: Understanding the Creative Process

  • National Progression Award (NPA) Acting & Performance 
and Professional Theatre Preparation

    Drama: Theatre Skills in Performance

    Professional Theatre in Context

    Preparation for Audition

    Drama: Acting Skills


    *Please note that if you are a student from a school in the Borders. Your curriculum will be as follows:


    Writing for the Media

    Personal Development Planning

    Photography: An Introduction

    Creative Industries: An Introduction


    There is no alternative Acting & Performance programme available to students from Borders schools

What subject areas will I study?


What happens when I complete this programme?

After completing this programme, you have the possibility of progressing directly to a relevant degree programme at Queen Margaret University or relevant HNC/HND course at either Edinburgh College or Borders College.

If you decide not to continue on to higher education then a creative apprenticeship can be explored with an employer in collaboration with the agency Creative and Cultural Scotland. You may also decide on another career path, but there is no doubt that the skills and experience that you will have gained during your Academy programme will be helpful to you in the future.


What types of jobs are available in the creative industries?

TV, film, performing arts, music, software, fashion, costume design, set design, and digital services are all sectors of interest that involve the creative industries. Therefore creative industries career choices include, for example, becoming a copywriter, photographer, journalist, multimedia designer or games designer, or being involved in either theatre or filmmaking.

Creative Industries Academy contact:

Student using Video Camera

What our creative industries students are saying about their academy experience!

16 years old, 5th year, Portobello High School, Edinburgh Sara Mansouri, 16 years old, 5th year, Leith Academy, Edinburgh Holly Eunson, 15 years old, 5th year, Musselburgh Academy, East Lothian

“I have a strong passion for acting, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to join the Academy. I want to take any opportunity I can to progress my aspirations in drama and see where it takes me. Whether it is at university, college, live performances, or being in movies, I think that the Academy will allow me to live more of my dreams than I ever could have imagined.”

“I thought that the Creative Industries Academy suited me because I have a very broad understanding of the industry and think that the Academy will help me develop a more centralised focus. I know that it will be hard work, juggling both my academic duties and the work at the Academy, but I know it will be worth it in the end, especially in terms of knowledge and experience.”

“I’m a television and film lover with the dream of writing for the BBC one day. I know that there are a lot of things I need to do to make this dream possible, such as graduating from university and gaining experience. However, I think that the Academy is the first step in helping me achieve this dream. It was just too good an opportunity for me to pass up.”

Hazel Pike, 16 years old, 5th year, Musselburgh Academy, East Lothian

“My interest in the creative industries is not limited to one area, but rather includes film, media, journalism, performance, and costume design. The Academy gives me the opportunity to explore, and be involved in, all of these genres, while also helping me figure out which of them I want to focus on.”

Industry visit to Radio Forth in Edinburgh

Physical Theatre module - Lifting and Balance class at QMU

Duke of Gloucester visits Creative Academy

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